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Stumble Up was my BTech honours project at University. My project explored how information design can be used as both a wayfinding tool and as an educational tool along a KwaZulu-Natal hiking trail. It combined hiking, graphic design, photography and illustration. Visual storytelling was also a strong component throughout this study.

For this project, I created a hiking and navigation app that linked back to the physical signboards. The app also has added benefits – one being an educational and interactive Ecotherapy tool. This tool measures the user's feelings before and after each hike. You can also win digital badges on the app, share your hiking experiences with your friends, as well as find out interesting educational information about the area you are hiking through.


The @Stumble.Up Instagram page visually documented the project. It acted as a photo journal and a minor focus group of my target audience. Many of the posts were reposted on other hiking pages as well.

*This is an educational project, passed with distinction.

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