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Howzit, I'm Han!

Hannah Smith HanSelah artist, designer, illustrator and creative director in web3 tech

HANNAH SMITH is a South African traditional and digital artist, designer and illustrator currently based in France. At present, she is the Creative Director of a Web3 Tech company.


Han specializes in graphic design, NFTs, illustration, art direction, web and UI design – that are all tailored for the Metaverse and Web3 SaaS products. She has a deep understanding of Web3 art, blockchain technology and creating UI solutions for VR (virtual reality) worlds, voice AI (voice artificial intelligence) and Web XR (UI for 3D interactive VR worlds to be compatible on 2D web browsers) for immersive gaming. 

She holds her BTech degree (Cum Laude) in graphic design, which she obtained from the Durban University of Technology. Han has worked both in-house for a full-service creative advertising agency, as well as in a remote freelance capacity as a graphic designer and art director. She has experience with large-scale international brands, local boutiques and private clients for both print and digital media. She is confident with remote working and uses the full Adobe suite (AI, PSD, ID, PR, XD, AE), Figma and Procreate.

Han has gained both national and international recognition for her creative skills. She represented South Africa at the WorldSkills International competition for Graphic Design Technology in Kazan, Russia in August 2019. See her other awards and achievements here.

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